Thank you for considering TYGAR!


We’re hosted with a cloud partner that has over 99.99% up time


You can rest assured that our servers are secure and won’t be penetrated


We have years of software development, dev-ops, and cyber security experience

Low Fees

We always charge low fees which gives our delegates the maximum rewards!

Pool Ticker: TYGAR
Pool Operators Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Pool Relay Node Locations: New York & Toronto
Pool ID: pool1lrnyqdlrj97d0ju5j6d9xa8prw0xeyumfd53rz5wk3gf7czqzjz

Why stake with us?

That depends on what you’re passionate about…

-If it’s ROA, then: We’re the perfect sized pool currently. We just surpassed 3M Ada live stake threshold which will give us excellent odds to mint the 2+ blocks per epoch that will earn our delegates maximum rewards. Plus, with the introduction of our Loyalty Program we reward delegates TWICE every five days.

-If it’s knowing how your investment is performing, then: We are incredibly transparent about our pools performance. We have a dedicated Telegram channel where we tell all of our delegates exactly how many blocks we’re supposed to get each epoch so you WILL KNOW if one gets missed or stolen. Very few other pools do that. This way you will be confident you are earning the maximum rewards towards your potential.

-If it’s growth of Cardano and its’ community, then: We’ve been holders of Cardano since the beginning; we’re very active on Reddit helping onboard new folks, answering questions, and reducing FUD, and; we’ve worked closely with fellow Cardano holders to migrate over 1 Million Ada off of exchanges and into personal wallets to help support decentralization. Plus, we’re incredibly active in the NFT community and have minted over 10,000 NFTs for artists.

-If it’s reliability so that you can stake with confidence, then: Our relays and block producers are hosted with one of the must reliable cloud providers with over 99.99% uptime; we have failover redundancy, active server monitoring, and; we had outside consultants confirm the security of our architecture so that our nodes will never go down due to external forces.

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